rite aid 11/16/10

Transaction #1
Huggies x1 @ $8.99
Herbal essence x2 @ $2.99 ($5.98)
bandaid travel size x2 @ $.99 BOGO 1/2 ($1.49)
revlon lipstic x2 @ $7.99 BOGO 1/2 ($11.98)
-$4 +UP's
-$2 huggies q
-$.50 (2) herbal essence q
-$5 (2) revlon q
$5.07 Oop
+$12.00 UP's

Transaction #2
Olay bar soap x1 @ $3.59
Secret deodorant travel size x1 @ $1.29
Huggies diapers x1 @ $8.99
Colgate 360 toothbrush x3 @ $2.33 ($6.99)
revlon lipstick x2 @ $7.99 BOGO 1/2 ($11.98)
-$7 +UP's
-$5 olay
-$3 colgate manu
-$3 colgate VV q
-$2 huggies q
-$5 (2) revlon q
$2.79 Oop
+$9.oo +UP's

Total Oop for the day was $7.86 and i have $18.00 +UP's to spend for next time!! $10.14 MM Day. It was off because my lady wouldn't take 2 of my coupons for the herbal essence, so my total out of pocket was $3 more than i had planned on, but still OK! Total BEFORE ALL COUPONS...$61.28 Total AFTER ALL COUPONS...+$10.14 Good day indeed.


rite aid 11/14/10

Rite Guard Deodorants x4 @ $4.69ea BOGO = 9.38
Colgate Toothpaste x3 @ $2.33ea = $6.99
Huggies diapers x1 @ $8.99
Herbal essence shampoo x1 @ $2.99
-$5/$25 RA coupon
-$17.38 coupons
-$5.00 +UP
+tax $1.63
=$2.60 Oop
+$7.00 +UP
=$4.40 MM


My coupon trip made the sunday paper!!

Hehe,,,my coupon trip to kroger where i got all the cream cheese and coffee creamer made it in the paper in the Savannah savvy shopper section!! Not my actual self portrait per-se, but it is my name and all the crazy items in my refrigerator.

Kroger 11/2/10

Gatorade 10x $1.00
Nestle Water 4x $3.99
almond breeze milk 1x $2.49
Cocktail sauce 1x $1.49
Crab boil 1x $1.49
pringles 2x $1.49
kroger bread 2x $1.00
Cotonell wipes 1x $2.69
Mustard 1x $.59
lactaid milk 1x $3.49
Advil 2x $3.00
Dish detergent 1x $3.49
Milk 1x $1.98
Salt 1x $.69
-$30.34 coupons (58%)
=$26.24 Oop

week of 11/7 - 11/14

walgreens and Rite Aid on Sunday:
Nivea 1x $3.99
Crest toothpaste 1x $2.99
Garnier face 1x $6.49
Garnier hair color 1x 5.99
Garnier shampoo 1x 3.99
peroxide 3x $.75
Reach tooth brush 2x $1.59
Reach floss 2x $1.79
Baking powder 3x $.99
Salt 1x $.99
Schick razor 4pk 1x $5.99
-8.99 +UP's/RR
-$28.50 coupons
=$7.38 Oop
+$8.00 ONYO
=$.62 MM for the day :)


alright, Kroger has good deals this week, and last week too, here is what i got
cream cheese-10x
coffee mate creamer-10x
mashed potatoes-2x
instant oatmeal-2x
somewhere around $60
-4.50 oyno
-15. creamer coupons
-10. kraft coupon
-2. mashed pot coupons
-4. oatmeal coupons
$9.81 oop
total of 86% savings

clearly this isn't everything, but as you can see i have lots of cream cheese and creamer for my coffee, just in time for winter...PERFECT!!!


Kroger Trip

Well I didn't do awesome, but i still used coupons on almost everything i purchased, and was able to double up on coupons with my E-coupons and Paper coupons.

Anglesoft Bath tissue
All detergent x2
hamburger helper x3
hunts ketchup
cookies x2
au gratin potatoes x2
kroger canned fruit x2
apple sauce
deli fresh sand meat
toaster strudles x2
turkey hill tea x2
bounty paper towel
clean and clear face x6
always infinity
tampax pearl
secret deodorant
edge shave cream x2
charmin bath tissue
carefree liners x2
fiber one yogurt 4pk
yplt yogurt x6
glade spray
cream cheese
crecent rolls x2
biscuits x2
pizza dough x2
kraft cheese x2
bryers ice cream

mnfctr Coupons=$38.54
Coupon doubled=$6.25
=88.06 OOP
+4.50 ONYO
+10.00 Mail in Rebate.


Again i have neglected my Blog...I will do better

Really i put couponing on hold for about 2 years. When i got pregnant, i just couldn't handle it, because i was so nauseous that i couldn't take my time to do it. Well i am definitely back at it, but i haven't been as good as i once was, so i will keep doing my coupon shopping from now on and try to get better. I almost have to re-learn everything.
In recent transactions i have just been slowly stocking up on my ECB's from CVS, and getting a few things in the process but not really anything to brag about. Except maybe the 10 things of revlon mascara i got from CVS the other day, i paid 6$ oop and i got back $10 ECB's. so money maker! For those of you who think im crazy for making a blog, just try couponing and see how rewarding it is to you...