The yard sale!

We had a yard sale on saturday to see if we could sell our stuff, and make this couponing worth the time.... Well i made $130!!!!! I still have a few items but most of it sold, and i pretty much paid nothing for this stuff. We were like a walmart or something. Jenn did good too. this picture was taken after some things were already gone, so i actually had a lot more. It was fun, and i will continue to do this for a long time. Next yard sale will be in the spring Tell all your friends.
this was a few transactions between CVS and Walgreens
Glade candles 4x $2.50
batteries 2x $5.99
batteries 1x $9.99
zantrax 3 1x $4.99
milani eye shadow 2x $5.49
cottona balls 1x $3.49
Nail polish remover 1x $1.99
-$5.25 coupons
=$8.04 Oop
+ $29.99 back in ECB's
batteries 2x $5.99
batteries 1x $9.99
-$1.50 coupons
-$15.00 Ecb's
=$5.96 Oop
+$15.00 back in ECB's

#3 at walgreens
revlon makeup 4x $5.79
-$5.80 BOGO1/2off
-$15.93 Gift card
=$2.65 Oop

#4 at walgreens
revlon makeup 4x $2.59
-$2.60 BOGO1/2 off
=$8.30 Oop
All that makeup was really cheap, normally $12.00 for each piece, i got 8 pieces for under $12.00 YAY go me!
i did a few transactions here
loreal age perfect 1x $15.99
milani eye shadow 2x $5.49
-$21.96 ecb's
=$.01 Oop
+$20.99 back in ECB's

Glade glass scents 4x $2.50
batteries 1x $5.99
batteries 1x $9.99
batteries 1x $5.29
-$8.83 coupons
-$20.99 Ecb's
=$2.17 Oop
+$20.00 back in ECB's
=$2.18 Oop for this trip


Buy 10 get $5 off your order

Ok so i did more of the buy 10 get $5 off your bill, here is my order:

glade oil candles 9x- $2.50 ($22.50) - (B2G1 $7.50) - ($6.00) - ($4.50) = $$4.50 = $.50ea
Shout Spray 3x- $2.50 ($7.50) - ($4.50) - ($1.50) = $1.50 = $.50ea
Carnation evap milk 6x- $1.00 ($6.00) - ($3.00) - ($3.00) = FREE
Instant oatmeal 1x- $1.69 - $1.69 = FREE
Kix Cereal 2x- $2.00 ($4.00) - ($1.00) - ($1.00) = $2.00 = $1.00ea

+ $2.36 Tax
=$10.36 Oop
And i got back $4.00 OYNO!
So that makes my grand total $6.36! YAY!

I also gave away 4 cans of the evaporated milk, and one box of oatmeal to the feed the hungry cart at the front of the store, so that is why they are not pictured.


Harris Teeter Tripples

ok here it goes, today i got a few freebies and some other good cheap stuff:

8x swanson broth $5.16-$2.40=$.34ea
2x wish bone salad spritzer $5.78-$4.50=$.64ea
1x hellmans mayo $3.99-$1.80=@2.19ea
1x starkist creations tuna $2.29-$2.25=$.04
8x cambells cream soups $5.98-$2.40=$.45ea
1x nestle hot chocolate $1.50-$1.50=FREE
2x Carnation evaporated milk $1.98-$1.50=$.24ea
1x vanity fair paper plates $3.00-$1.50=$1.50ea
3x scotties tissues $3.00-$1.50=$.50ea
1x lysol cleaner $3.00-$2.20=$.80ea
3x reynolds wax paper $4.50-$4.50=3 for FREE

Total coupons tendered $44.03
Total Oop.....$15.25


I love Kroger!!!

today i got:
scotch brite sponge 10x-$1.00($10.00)-$9.00-$5.00 (sale money back)=-$4.00MM (she didn't scan one coupon which i saw after:( )
deer park water 8x-$1.00 ($8.00)-$4.00(sale money back)=$4.00
breyers ice cream 2x-$3.00 ($6.00) -$2.00-$1.00(sale)=$3.00

Total Oop.....$4.09
should have been $3.09 but oh well


Kroger 11/3/08

so this was just a quick unplanned trip i did with jeanine today. we had a deal where you buy 10 select item, get $5.00 off your bill. I will include that with each item
Breyers ice cream 2x-$3.00($6.00)-$2.00=$4.00 -$1.00=$3.00
Deer park liter waters 2x-$1.00($2.00) -$1.00= $1.00
domino 5lb sugar 2x-$2.50 ($5.00)-$1.40-$1.00=$2.60
Hefty freezer bags 1x-$1.50-$.55-$.50=$.45
duncan hines frosting 1x$1.50-$.50=$1.00
duncan hines cake mix 1x-$1.00-$.1.00=FREEEEEE
carolina pride sausage 4x-$3.78($15.12) -$7.56-$3.00=$4.56(for 4 boxes!)
carolina pride hot dogs 2x-$3.88($7.76)-$3.88-$1.50=$2.38
carolina pride smokies 2x-3.78($7.56) -$3.78-#1.50=$2.28
shredded cheese 3x-$1.66($5.00) no coupons
Mach3 disposable razors 1x-$5.99 -$3.00 esaver -$2.00=$.99
Venus disposable razors 1x-$5.99 -$3.00 esaver -$2.00=$.99
Scotch brite sponges 2x-$1.00 ($2.00) -$2.00-$1.00=$1.00MM

Total Oop $25.90 (70% savings) my begining total before scanning my card was up over $86.00

Kroger 11/1/08

I had to do 3 seperate transactions because i had 3 Catalina's, and i wanted to make sure i could use them all so here it goes:
transaction #1
Bounty 8 roll paper towels 1x $6.99 -$.25 eSavercoupon -$1.00 -$4.00Cat=$1.84Oop

Transaction #2
kroger brand splenda 1x-$5.99-$4.00 Cat=$2.17Oop

Transaction #3
Kraft Mayo 1x-$-3.79-$.55=$3.24
cottenelle 1x-$.99-$.50=$.50 my shortcuts coupon didn't come off so i didn't get it FREE!! i actually paid $.49 i don't even like that shit.
canned chicken 2x-$2.10=$4.20 no coupons
kroger water 1x-$3.79 -$3.79 coupon =FREE!
Coffee mate creamer 1x-$1.89-$.55=$1.34
bakery bread 2x-$2.49($4.98)-$.50=$4.48 It was good at sunday dinner!
Kroger tomatoes 1x-$2.99-$2.99=FREE
GM cereal 1x-$4.19-$.75shortcuts -$1.00- $3.44=$1.00MM!!
ms smiths pie 2x-$5.49 ($10.98)-$5.49-$1.00=$4.49 another sunday dinner special
Total Oop= $12.23
=$16.30Oop not too bad if you ask me.
I don't know how much i saved because i had so many transaction and a few mistakes i had to get taken care of at customer service.