Again i have neglected my Blog...I will do better

Really i put couponing on hold for about 2 years. When i got pregnant, i just couldn't handle it, because i was so nauseous that i couldn't take my time to do it. Well i am definitely back at it, but i haven't been as good as i once was, so i will keep doing my coupon shopping from now on and try to get better. I almost have to re-learn everything.
In recent transactions i have just been slowly stocking up on my ECB's from CVS, and getting a few things in the process but not really anything to brag about. Except maybe the 10 things of revlon mascara i got from CVS the other day, i paid 6$ oop and i got back $10 ECB's. so money maker! For those of you who think im crazy for making a blog, just try couponing and see how rewarding it is to you...

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