kroger & CVS today

ok so at kroger I got:
Purex laundry detergent 1x $1.99 -$1.00=$.99
glade oil plugins, Yes more, 2x $6.99 ($13.98) -$bogo $6.99=$6.99 + $8.00 Cat's so $1.01MM!
Total Oop $1.09

At CVS i got:
advil pm liquid gels 2x $.99 ($1.98) -$2.00=$.02MM
blistex 1x $1.50 no coupons
arm & Hammer laundry detergent 2x $5.99($11.98) on sale bogo $5.99-$2.00=$3.99
I used 1x $4.00ECB
paid $1.73 Oop.

All this for $2.82 not too bad i would have to say.

And go figure when i got home i got all kinds of coupons for free items at kroger in the mail, uuggghhhh! i so could have used that.


Kroger trip

Cottonelle 2x .99($1.98) -$2.00 coupons = .02 MM
Evans sausage links 2x-$1.39 ($2.78) No coupons
Sports water 2x-$1.00 ($2.00) -$1.00 coupon =$1.00
Green giant frozen veggies 2x-$1.69 ($3.38) -$2.00=$1.38
Case of cheese slices $9.69 No coupons
Purex liquid laundry detergent 2x-$1.99 ($3.98) -$1.40=$2.58
galons of water 4x-$.58 ($2.32) No coupons
Instant oatmeal 1x-$1.69 -$1.69=FREE
Glade nite lite oil plugins 3x-$6.99 ($20.97) -$13.98 +$12.00CRT's=$5.01MM
Milk 1x-$2.39 No coupons
Coffee cup 1x-$4.50 No coupons
Jimmy Dean sausage 1x-3.99 No coupons
Eggs 2x-$1.98 ($3.96) No coupons
Herbal Essence shampoo/conditioner 2x-$2.49 ($4.98) -$5.00=$.02MM
green beans 6x-$.58 ($3.48) No coupons
Glade scented oil candle 4x-$5.39 ($21.56) -$14.78 = $$6.78
neste diet green tea 1x-$4.99 No coupons
Total Oop= $43.89
+12.00CRT's for my next purchase

Meters, hey they were free

I got 5 breeze 2 and contour meters
5x-$30.00 ($150.00) -$150.00 in coupons...FREE
Plus they have a $50.00 Mail in Rebate(MIR)
I will probably only get back $30.00 so either way it is a money maker, I have people to give them to who need them, and/or i can sell them. I will be happy either way, i don't mind helping people out.

(I already gave one away)

Anyone need razors?

Definitely not the biggest shopping trip, Jenn & Maia know why!:( Anyways here is my trip and savings:
Bic razors 3x-5.89 ($17.67) -$6.00 of coupons and $10.57 ECB's
Got back $12.00 in ECB's
=$.05 each. Not too bad for 12 disposable razors.


WOW! My lowest oop Ever!!!

ok so i knew i was not gonna spend a lot, and i was hoping not to use up all my ecb's on this trip, but here is what i got:
2x-windex @ $2.50ea
2x-Pledge @ $2.50ea
2x-Scrubbing bubbles @ $2.50ea
6x-Excedrin @ $ 1.99ea
90x-photo prints @ $.19ea
4x-nail polish @ $ 3.79ea
1x-rembrant whitening mouth wash @ $1.37ea
1x-Colgate maxfresh toothbrush @ $2.99ea

$1.00 colgate toothbrush
$2.00 cvs toothbrush coupon(I didn't even knw i had this i just found it at the end!)
2x-$1.50 windex coupon
2x-$2.00 pledge coupon
2x-$2.00 scrubbing bubbls coupon
6x-$1.99 excedrin coupons (she had to mark the $2.00 down to $1.99, so no overage)
1x-$3.00 summer spending coupon
1x-$19.95 ecb
TOTAL OOP...........$ .27
+$2.00 ECB back
And i am owed money for the pictures so add another $17.00 to that. So i made money, well cash and lost a few ECB's. No biggie Cash can be spend anywhere right?

Thank You CVS!

She rang everything up one time and somehow she owed me .17 so we had to re-ring it and i lost out on some overage:( It's ok though i still did good. They all were amazed at how much shit i got. She was like "are you gonna take all that Excedrin?" I said NO! just most of it. I told her i would only do it if it was practically free or if i could sell it and make a profit. she asked how long it took to do all the couponing stuff, i said that i had no life so i stay up all night researching it! they were really nice. i told them i was lucky to have nice people who worked there because i have heard of the nasty ones that people on HCW have encountered. I think i made new friends with the CVS crew!!

A Few Pictures of My Stockpile categorized

That is a girls Dream!! Makeup, who could ask for more, Free makeup that is.
Well i guess i haven't really worked on that pile, but that shit aint cheap, even with coupons!
Holy Crap, you would think my house smells great, But i really haven't even used any of this stuff yet.
Another pile i haven't been able to work on too much, this is another item that is not so cheap after coupons.
I got great deals on this stuff, with my BOGO coupons and $$ of coups...these were pretty cheap, but not free.
Yeah, i will never have to worry about a headache or migraine again! that makes me happy
And who the heck needs that many effin toothpastes!!!! i guess i do, now i don't ever have to worry about buying them with actual money ever again. WWWWAAAHHHAAAAHHHAAAA!!


My supplies

I use a binder when i go grocery shopping so i can keep track of everything i am spending and saving so when i get home to check my receipt i can make sure everything came off as planned. I can't keep track of that shit in my head i need to write it down:) and i keep my printouts of my shortcuts, cellfire, and P&G coupons that are on my card in here too.
This is my coupon box, i have it categorized down just the way i like it!

my Full-A-Shit closet

I have tons of toilette paper and paper towels. I know most of that toilette paper was free, but i did pay for the paper towels.
this picture does no justice for how much is hiding behind all the stuff up front. Look how many bottles of excedrin i have!!! oh and all the Glade. there is a ton of toothpaste back there too.
this is all my body wash, shampoo, deodorant, bath product shelf. those mascaras were free, all the sauve soap was really cheap if not free, can't really remember.
the back row there is all laundry detergent, then my fabrese , oh and dish soap i will never run out of for the rest of my life!. those clorox bleach toilette bowl cleaners were $.26 ea and i got a free clorox disinfectant towels for free when i got the bowl cleaner!!

your so Full-A-Shit!!!

Kroger 10/17/08

Sorry no cool pictures of this one, im going back on receipts, so pulling back out the food probably isn't the best idea!
1x-quaker oat squares cereal @ $2.00ea
4x-freezer packs (the cold thingy's for your cooler) @ $.26ea
2x-progresso soups @ $1.98 ea
5x-hunts diced tomatoes @ $.75ea
2x-green giant frozen veggies @ $1.00ea
2x-healthy choice panini @ $2.00ea
1x-betty crocker warm delights @ $1.99ea
1x-cascade gell packs @ $ 3.99ea
1x-mini spiral ge light bulbs @ $5.99
1x-4 pack of ribeye steaks @ $10.81 ea
1x-crest pro health toothpaste @ $2.50

my total before scanning my card was up around $60.00 not exactly sure how much
-$5.00 worth of coupons on my kroger card
-$16.00 of Cat's i got off the glade plugins
-$11.10 in manu coupons
-$4.10 in doubled coupons
-$5.00 coupon i got from a kroger manager
=$10.93 oop
Everything was free except for the steaks!! but well worth it they tasted great.

here is what i did yesterday

5x-GUM kids toothbrushes @ $3.99ea
2x-Brachs candy corn @ $1.29ea
2x-Excedrin migrane @ $1.99 ea
1x- Power ade @ $1.69 ea
1x-just for men hair coloring @ $7.99 (Yeah i felt wierd buying it too! but it was a $16.00MM)
2x-colgate maxfresh toothpaste @ $2.99ea
2x-colgate total toothpaste @ $2.79/2
4x-vanity light bulbs on clearance for $1.12ea
1x-tic tac chill @ $1.79ea

-$8.50 in coupons
-$3.00 spring spending ecb
-$10/$50 coupon for cvs
-$18.00 ECB's
=$12.90 OOP
+$36.21 in ECB's back
for a grand total of a $5.31 money maker for CVS that day
+ the $8.00 Mail in Rebate for the just for men hair color makes it $13.31 Money maker in the long run(6-8 weeks that is)

4x-Glade plug in's @ $4.49ea
2x-Glade refills @ $2.99ea
-$11.97 in coupons
+$18.00 in Cat's towards my next purchase
For a Money Maker deal of $4.36!

small shopping trip

Ok so here goes my first post, i would just like to say, i wish i started this sooner because i have gotten a lot of really good deals in the past, i might do some research and put some of them up here. I will just start with what i got today. I made a few stops with Leisa after work. this is where we went and what i got:
3x- gillette fusion after shave on clearance for $2.99 each.
I had 3 $1.00 coupons
So in total i spent $6.60 here. I really didn't want to buy these, i just thought that Ron could use it & if he doesn't like them, well i will sell the other two at a yard sale or something.

went straight to the medicine section and got 5 coupons for $2.00 off any excedrin migrane

6x-Excedrin Migrane @1.99ea
1x-sudafed PE on clearance for $1.42
1x-Colgate maxfresh toothbrush @ $2.99
Sooooo....... now coupons
5x-$2.00 excedrin coupons
1x-$3.00 CVS excedrin coupon
1x-$1.00 colgate maxfresh toothbrush coupon
1x-$1.50 sudafed PE coupon
+$2.00 back in ECB's
=$.13 Money Maker!!!!