Kroger 11/1/08

I had to do 3 seperate transactions because i had 3 Catalina's, and i wanted to make sure i could use them all so here it goes:
transaction #1
Bounty 8 roll paper towels 1x $6.99 -$.25 eSavercoupon -$1.00 -$4.00Cat=$1.84Oop

Transaction #2
kroger brand splenda 1x-$5.99-$4.00 Cat=$2.17Oop

Transaction #3
Kraft Mayo 1x-$-3.79-$.55=$3.24
cottenelle 1x-$.99-$.50=$.50 my shortcuts coupon didn't come off so i didn't get it FREE!! i actually paid $.49 i don't even like that shit.
canned chicken 2x-$2.10=$4.20 no coupons
kroger water 1x-$3.79 -$3.79 coupon =FREE!
Coffee mate creamer 1x-$1.89-$.55=$1.34
bakery bread 2x-$2.49($4.98)-$.50=$4.48 It was good at sunday dinner!
Kroger tomatoes 1x-$2.99-$2.99=FREE
GM cereal 1x-$4.19-$.75shortcuts -$1.00- $3.44=$1.00MM!!
ms smiths pie 2x-$5.49 ($10.98)-$5.49-$1.00=$4.49 another sunday dinner special
Total Oop= $12.23
=$16.30Oop not too bad if you ask me.
I don't know how much i saved because i had so many transaction and a few mistakes i had to get taken care of at customer service.

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