Kroger 11/3/08

so this was just a quick unplanned trip i did with jeanine today. we had a deal where you buy 10 select item, get $5.00 off your bill. I will include that with each item
Breyers ice cream 2x-$3.00($6.00)-$2.00=$4.00 -$1.00=$3.00
Deer park liter waters 2x-$1.00($2.00) -$1.00= $1.00
domino 5lb sugar 2x-$2.50 ($5.00)-$1.40-$1.00=$2.60
Hefty freezer bags 1x-$1.50-$.55-$.50=$.45
duncan hines frosting 1x$1.50-$.50=$1.00
duncan hines cake mix 1x-$1.00-$.1.00=FREEEEEE
carolina pride sausage 4x-$3.78($15.12) -$7.56-$3.00=$4.56(for 4 boxes!)
carolina pride hot dogs 2x-$3.88($7.76)-$3.88-$1.50=$2.38
carolina pride smokies 2x-3.78($7.56) -$3.78-#1.50=$2.28
shredded cheese 3x-$1.66($5.00) no coupons
Mach3 disposable razors 1x-$5.99 -$3.00 esaver -$2.00=$.99
Venus disposable razors 1x-$5.99 -$3.00 esaver -$2.00=$.99
Scotch brite sponges 2x-$1.00 ($2.00) -$2.00-$1.00=$1.00MM

Total Oop $25.90 (70% savings) my begining total before scanning my card was up over $86.00

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