kroger & CVS today

ok so at kroger I got:
Purex laundry detergent 1x $1.99 -$1.00=$.99
glade oil plugins, Yes more, 2x $6.99 ($13.98) -$bogo $6.99=$6.99 + $8.00 Cat's so $1.01MM!
Total Oop $1.09

At CVS i got:
advil pm liquid gels 2x $.99 ($1.98) -$2.00=$.02MM
blistex 1x $1.50 no coupons
arm & Hammer laundry detergent 2x $5.99($11.98) on sale bogo $5.99-$2.00=$3.99
I used 1x $4.00ECB
paid $1.73 Oop.

All this for $2.82 not too bad i would have to say.

And go figure when i got home i got all kinds of coupons for free items at kroger in the mail, uuggghhhh! i so could have used that.

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