Kroger 10/17/08

Sorry no cool pictures of this one, im going back on receipts, so pulling back out the food probably isn't the best idea!
1x-quaker oat squares cereal @ $2.00ea
4x-freezer packs (the cold thingy's for your cooler) @ $.26ea
2x-progresso soups @ $1.98 ea
5x-hunts diced tomatoes @ $.75ea
2x-green giant frozen veggies @ $1.00ea
2x-healthy choice panini @ $2.00ea
1x-betty crocker warm delights @ $1.99ea
1x-cascade gell packs @ $ 3.99ea
1x-mini spiral ge light bulbs @ $5.99
1x-4 pack of ribeye steaks @ $10.81 ea
1x-crest pro health toothpaste @ $2.50

my total before scanning my card was up around $60.00 not exactly sure how much
-$5.00 worth of coupons on my kroger card
-$16.00 of Cat's i got off the glade plugins
-$11.10 in manu coupons
-$4.10 in doubled coupons
-$5.00 coupon i got from a kroger manager
=$10.93 oop
Everything was free except for the steaks!! but well worth it they tasted great.

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