Kroger trip

Cottonelle 2x .99($1.98) -$2.00 coupons = .02 MM
Evans sausage links 2x-$1.39 ($2.78) No coupons
Sports water 2x-$1.00 ($2.00) -$1.00 coupon =$1.00
Green giant frozen veggies 2x-$1.69 ($3.38) -$2.00=$1.38
Case of cheese slices $9.69 No coupons
Purex liquid laundry detergent 2x-$1.99 ($3.98) -$1.40=$2.58
galons of water 4x-$.58 ($2.32) No coupons
Instant oatmeal 1x-$1.69 -$1.69=FREE
Glade nite lite oil plugins 3x-$6.99 ($20.97) -$13.98 +$12.00CRT's=$5.01MM
Milk 1x-$2.39 No coupons
Coffee cup 1x-$4.50 No coupons
Jimmy Dean sausage 1x-3.99 No coupons
Eggs 2x-$1.98 ($3.96) No coupons
Herbal Essence shampoo/conditioner 2x-$2.49 ($4.98) -$5.00=$.02MM
green beans 6x-$.58 ($3.48) No coupons
Glade scented oil candle 4x-$5.39 ($21.56) -$14.78 = $$6.78
neste diet green tea 1x-$4.99 No coupons
Total Oop= $43.89
+12.00CRT's for my next purchase

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