WOW! My lowest oop Ever!!!

ok so i knew i was not gonna spend a lot, and i was hoping not to use up all my ecb's on this trip, but here is what i got:
2x-windex @ $2.50ea
2x-Pledge @ $2.50ea
2x-Scrubbing bubbles @ $2.50ea
6x-Excedrin @ $ 1.99ea
90x-photo prints @ $.19ea
4x-nail polish @ $ 3.79ea
1x-rembrant whitening mouth wash @ $1.37ea
1x-Colgate maxfresh toothbrush @ $2.99ea

$1.00 colgate toothbrush
$2.00 cvs toothbrush coupon(I didn't even knw i had this i just found it at the end!)
2x-$1.50 windex coupon
2x-$2.00 pledge coupon
2x-$2.00 scrubbing bubbls coupon
6x-$1.99 excedrin coupons (she had to mark the $2.00 down to $1.99, so no overage)
1x-$3.00 summer spending coupon
1x-$19.95 ecb
TOTAL OOP...........$ .27
+$2.00 ECB back
And i am owed money for the pictures so add another $17.00 to that. So i made money, well cash and lost a few ECB's. No biggie Cash can be spend anywhere right?

Thank You CVS!

She rang everything up one time and somehow she owed me .17 so we had to re-ring it and i lost out on some overage:( It's ok though i still did good. They all were amazed at how much shit i got. She was like "are you gonna take all that Excedrin?" I said NO! just most of it. I told her i would only do it if it was practically free or if i could sell it and make a profit. she asked how long it took to do all the couponing stuff, i said that i had no life so i stay up all night researching it! they were really nice. i told them i was lucky to have nice people who worked there because i have heard of the nasty ones that people on HCW have encountered. I think i made new friends with the CVS crew!!

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