small shopping trip

Ok so here goes my first post, i would just like to say, i wish i started this sooner because i have gotten a lot of really good deals in the past, i might do some research and put some of them up here. I will just start with what i got today. I made a few stops with Leisa after work. this is where we went and what i got:
3x- gillette fusion after shave on clearance for $2.99 each.
I had 3 $1.00 coupons
So in total i spent $6.60 here. I really didn't want to buy these, i just thought that Ron could use it & if he doesn't like them, well i will sell the other two at a yard sale or something.

went straight to the medicine section and got 5 coupons for $2.00 off any excedrin migrane

6x-Excedrin Migrane @1.99ea
1x-sudafed PE on clearance for $1.42
1x-Colgate maxfresh toothbrush @ $2.99
Sooooo....... now coupons
5x-$2.00 excedrin coupons
1x-$3.00 CVS excedrin coupon
1x-$1.00 colgate maxfresh toothbrush coupon
1x-$1.50 sudafed PE coupon
+$2.00 back in ECB's
=$.13 Money Maker!!!!

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