here is what i did yesterday

5x-GUM kids toothbrushes @ $3.99ea
2x-Brachs candy corn @ $1.29ea
2x-Excedrin migrane @ $1.99 ea
1x- Power ade @ $1.69 ea
1x-just for men hair coloring @ $7.99 (Yeah i felt wierd buying it too! but it was a $16.00MM)
2x-colgate maxfresh toothpaste @ $2.99ea
2x-colgate total toothpaste @ $2.79/2
4x-vanity light bulbs on clearance for $1.12ea
1x-tic tac chill @ $1.79ea

-$8.50 in coupons
-$3.00 spring spending ecb
-$10/$50 coupon for cvs
-$18.00 ECB's
=$12.90 OOP
+$36.21 in ECB's back
for a grand total of a $5.31 money maker for CVS that day
+ the $8.00 Mail in Rebate for the just for men hair color makes it $13.31 Money maker in the long run(6-8 weeks that is)

4x-Glade plug in's @ $4.49ea
2x-Glade refills @ $2.99ea
-$11.97 in coupons
+$18.00 in Cat's towards my next purchase
For a Money Maker deal of $4.36!

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Jenn Farese said...

Sweet!! Katie, I love your blog!! :-) Great trip. I keep forgetting to pick up the touch of grey. & I still can't believe that I didn't know the port wentworth store had a Q printer on the main aisle! Grrr!!!