A Few Pictures of My Stockpile categorized

That is a girls Dream!! Makeup, who could ask for more, Free makeup that is.
Well i guess i haven't really worked on that pile, but that shit aint cheap, even with coupons!
Holy Crap, you would think my house smells great, But i really haven't even used any of this stuff yet.
Another pile i haven't been able to work on too much, this is another item that is not so cheap after coupons.
I got great deals on this stuff, with my BOGO coupons and $$ of coups...these were pretty cheap, but not free.
Yeah, i will never have to worry about a headache or migraine again! that makes me happy
And who the heck needs that many effin toothpastes!!!! i guess i do, now i don't ever have to worry about buying them with actual money ever again. WWWWAAAHHHAAAAHHHAAAA!!

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