my Full-A-Shit closet

I have tons of toilette paper and paper towels. I know most of that toilette paper was free, but i did pay for the paper towels.
this picture does no justice for how much is hiding behind all the stuff up front. Look how many bottles of excedrin i have!!! oh and all the Glade. there is a ton of toothpaste back there too.
this is all my body wash, shampoo, deodorant, bath product shelf. those mascaras were free, all the sauve soap was really cheap if not free, can't really remember.
the back row there is all laundry detergent, then my fabrese , oh and dish soap i will never run out of for the rest of my life!. those clorox bleach toilette bowl cleaners were $.26 ea and i got a free clorox disinfectant towels for free when i got the bowl cleaner!!

your so Full-A-Shit!!!

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